Marching in London Pride 2018! Thanks for giving us a spot Pride London 🙂

Pride London 2018 (2) cropped.png

Winning Silver at our first Berlin tournament, 2018

Berlin 2018.

Berlin all teams 2018

Cruisers win Bronze at Dusselcup 2018! #SQUAD

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Pic 20

A star is born! Cruisers do a photo shoot for Cancer Research. London, 2018

Star is born, London 2018

Tournament with our friends Manchester Lynx and London Sharks. Manchester, 2018.

Manchester 2018

Winning the Pantheres Grogues tournament in Barcelona! 2017 Photo 2 - Barca 2017

Winning Dusselcup, Dusseldorf! 2017Dusseldorf 2017 cup

Cruisers on the Women’s March 🙂 London. 2017Cruisers Womens March

Dusselcup, Dusseldorf (all Greek team!). Won bronze. 2016Dusselcup 2016.jpeg

Stockholm, Gay Eurogames. Won silver! 2015Stockholm 2015

Winning Dusselcup, Dusseldorf! 2015Dusseldorf 2015 cup

Paris tournament. We… had fun! 2014Paris 2014 - court side

Dusselcup, Dusseldorf. Won silver! 2014Dusseldorf airport 2014

Dusseldorf 2014

Dusseldorf 2014 silver medals

Cruisers T shirts photo

Cruisers in Cologne! 2010Cruisers Koln 2010.jpeg

Gay Games in Sydney! With the Cruisers Men’s team. 2002

Sydney 2002!